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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

Michael OssouThe mother of all code camps, the Silicon Valley Code Camp took place a couple of weeks ago. As always, the organizers did a fantastic job and this year’s event was even bigger than last years. From ASP.NET to SQL to Node to Hadoop, there was something for everybody. With over a hundred sessions available, five thousand developers took over the Foothill College campus for the weekend.


Silicon Valley Code Camp is next weekend!

Michael PhillipsMr. Ossou already alerted you to the upcoming Silicon Valley Code Camp (October 11th and 12th), but in the spirit of “more is more,” here’s my own personal announcement.

Maybe you’ve been to a code camp in your neighborhood. Los Angeles has three of them, and they’re all pretty sizable. But there’s sizable and then there’s huge, and Silicon Valley is huge. So multiply your local code camp by two or three times, then double that, and you’ll be pretty close to comprehending the crazy sea of humanity that attends Silicon Valley.

SSL enhancements, DNS management enhancements, php update, oh my…

Takeshi EtoWe just launched the latest sprint and we realized that we didn’t announce updates that were pushed out with the Windows Azure Pack update (though we did blog about how we did the WAP update). So here’s some of the enhancements that you’ll find now.

1. We’ve added the ability to bind different SSL certificates to your domain pointers and subdomains. Before this update you could only bind SSL certs for your primary domain. Now with this enhancement, you can bind SSL certs to your heart’s content. This applies to SNI SSL.

2. We’ve removed most restrictions from the DNS Manager to allow you more flexibility In managing your DNS. So now you can create multiple records with the same name, you can edit or delete the root domain A record, create CNAMEs with the root domain name, pretty much anything you might need.

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