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Everleap Sponsors the Dallas GiveCamp 2016

Calvin WongWe sponsored the Dallas GiveCamp again over the first weekend of October by donating free hosting services to the participating charities. GiveCamps are weekend-long events where software developers, designers, analysts, and project managers donate their time to create software and databases for nonprofit organizations. We love working with Patrick Swain at Slalom Consulting, and all the rest of the generous volunteers at the Dallas GiveCamp.

The 2016 charities included:

Iowa Code Camp 2016

Calvin WongIt’s been a big month of events with the Dallas GiveCamp, NYC Code Camp, Columbus Code Camp and Southwest Ohio GiveCamp. This Saturday, October 29th, will be the Iowa Code Camp and we’re sponsoring that too!

Iowa Code Camp

We have much love for the Iowa developer community and this is our fourth year sponsoring the event!

Everleap Sponsors NYC Code Camp 2016

Calvin WongWe are a sponsor of the NYC Code Camp 2016. Held at the new Microsoft Office in Times Square, with over 70 sessions and over 500 attendees, NYC Code Camp is one of the largest Code Camp events in the country. This was their 10th annual event and the NYC developer community is going strong as ever!

NYC Code Camp

We’re very proud to support NYC Code Camp and events like it throughout the country.

Busy Ohio Weekend

Calvin WongColumbus Code Camp and the Southwest Ohio GiveCamp!

Columbus Code Camp

Central Ohio is an exciting hotbed of developer activity and we’re a proud sponsor of the Columbus Code Camp since 2013. The event, happening this year on October 22nd, attracts over 200 attendees with 32 presentations this year.

This year, we’re donating some free Everleap hosting services to introduce the attendees to some of the cool stuff we’re doing around here, like our automated  Website Cloud Backups and SQL 2016.

Real-world performance comparisons between Everleap and traditional hosts

Calvin WongWhat’s the difference between cloud hosting and traditional shared hosting? Ah, the eternal question! We provided an overview in a previous article, but now we are going to look into performance.

In a Code Project review, Microsoft MVP Kevin Griffin ran load tests on Everleap servers and reported impressive results. But he used a basic ASP.NET MVC test site, and we wondered how load tests on a more complex application would look. So we ran load tests against nopCommerce, an e-commerce storefront with a SQL database back end.

Everleap Sponsoring the SoCal Code Camp OC 2015

Calvin WongEverleap-bannerThis Saturday, March 7th, we’re heading out to Orange County for the return of SoCal Code Camp OC. We have sponsored our local developer community for many, many years under the DiscountASP.NET banner, but now with our new cloud hosting brand launched, we’re going under the Everleap banner. Literally, there’s a banner. It says “Everleap.”

If you’re a developer in the area, come join us! Code Camps are a fun, friendly, and FREE way to learn something new and consort with your cohorts. Or just hang with your host.

(Psst, look for us by the banner.)

Maiden Everleap Sponsorship

Calvin WongThe SoCal Code Camp San Diego happens on the last weekend of this month, June 28th and 29th. We have sponsored all the SoCal Code Camps going back many, many years. They’re local events to us, organized by local user groups and attended by local developers, so we’re always happy to offer our support.

SoCal-BannerWe previously sponsored these events as DiscountASP.NET. This year, for the very first time, we’ll be sponsoring under the new Everleap banner. And we’re very excited to introduce our new cloud service at the event!

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