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Country Meats are here to wake up your taste buds (or set them on fire)

Michael PhillipsOur friend – and Everleap customer – Jeremy Geatches from Country Meats in Florida was kind enough to send us a box of their product.

Country Meats is family-run business that makes meat “snack sticks” that FFA, schools and other organizations use for fundraising. They’ve sold more than 63 million snack sticks, which is a lot of meat any way you slice it.

Everleap customer story – Q&A with Shawn Weisfeld of UserGroup.TV

Michael PhillipsShawn Weisfeld is a software developer that specializes in building applications and websites with .NET technologies. He created UserGroup.TV as a means to share valuable free content for the developer community. The UserGroup.TV site is currently hosted on our Multi-site Cloud Hosting plan. UserGroup.TV is home to over 400 hours of recorded developer presentations from 42 different groups and 215 speakers and is growing every day. We talked to Shawn to learn more about his labor of love.

Everleap customer story – Q&A with XIGLA Software

Michael PhillipsXigla-logo-EverleapXIGLA Software is based in Medellín, Colombia, and makes function-specific apps written in .NET and Classic ASP to add functionality to websites. Their products include a newsletter manager, banner manager and calendar and many other .NET software solutions.

After several years on a shared hosting plan with our sister company DiscountASP.NET, XIGLA recently decided to move to our cloud based hosting platform Everleap. To learn more about what prompted the shift, we talked with XIGLA CEO and Production Engineer Juan David Arbeláez.

Everleap customer story – Q&A with GDLsystems

Michael PhillipsGDLsystems-logo-EverleapGDLsystems, based in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a digital agency that helps small to mid-sized business clients benefit from web applications and systems. They specialize in e-commerce sites and online catalogs, developing primarily in .NET.

We talked with CEO Juan Pablo Orozco to learn a little more about how they use Everleap for their e-commerce development projects.

Everleap customer story – Q&A with Clinicmaster

Michael PhillipsclinicmasterClinicmaster is a Practice Management Software solution currently being used by over 600 Allied Health Clinics and Allied Health Professionals across Canada, the US, UK and Africa. With a new web based portal offering being rolled out to their client base, Clinicmaster required a modern host that could deliver the scalable technology and infrastructure they needed, at a reasonable price for the long-run.

We talked with Clinicmaster founder and owner Max Di Paola to learn a little more about the hybrid architecture he is using, and where Everleap fits in.

Silicon Valley Code Camp is next weekend!

Michael PhillipsMr. Ossou already alerted you to the upcoming Silicon Valley Code Camp (October 11th and 12th), but in the spirit of “more is more,” here’s my own personal announcement.

Maybe you’ve been to a code camp in your neighborhood. Los Angeles has three of them, and they’re all pretty sizable. But there’s sizable and then there’s huge, and Silicon Valley is huge. So multiply your local code camp by two or three times, then double that, and you’ll be pretty close to comprehending the crazy sea of humanity that attends Silicon Valley.

Why we moved the Everleap blog to the Everleap servers

Michael PhillipsYou may have assumed that the Everleap blog ran on Everleap servers, but until now, that hasn’t been the case.

Most businesses that provide public hosting services like we do also maintain separate “corporate” servers. Not necessarily for performance reasons, but for security, maintenance, legal, or any number of other reasons.

wordpress-logoSo this blog ran on a dedicated FreeBSD server. It uses WordPress, a php application, and most people still run those on linux or some other decidedly non-Windows server.

Does Technical Support Still Matter?

Michael PhillipsA while back I read an interesting blog post by the Product Manager for Microsoft TFS about their TFS Azure support. The thing that really caught my attention was this:

“I was having a conversation with my team about our need to have a better support path from our web site. We need a “contact us” capability that enables you to send an electronic message that will get attention…”

Sounds like he’s talking about, you know, a helpdesk.

Are you a ‘Cloud Skeptic’? We invite you to try Everleap for free.

Michael PhillipsIn a DiscountASP.NET support ticket the other day someone said to me, “I don’t want to talk cloud. That is such a bogus term and concept.” I was telling him about Everleap, since it would have been a good solution for a problem he was having, but I understand why he reacted like that.

The term “cloud” has been misused and abused to the point where it has become meaningless to a lot of people. Often when we talk to people about the modern hosting platform we’re running here and say to them, “You might want to try our Everleap Cloud Servers,” they just roll their eyes and sigh.

Backing up a MySQL database using MySQL Workbench

Michael PhillipsBacking up a MySQL database is usually a pretty straightforward and simple task. You can back up a MySQL database using an uploaded application like phpMyAdmin, but for the purposes of this tutorial we’re going to use the MySQL Workbench desktop program. You’ll have to open an Oracle account to download MySQL Workbench, but opening an account is free and only mildly painful.

This article was written using MySQL Workbench 6.1 CE. You may be able to achieve similar results with previous versions, but we have not tested any earlier versions, so your results may vary.

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