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.NET 5 (ASP.NET Core 5) Hosting

Takeshi EtoToday we announce that .NET 5 or ASP.NET Core 5 is installed on the Everleap system for Framework-dependent Deployment (FDD). (Note that .NET 5 or any other .NET Core version can always be used on the Everleap platform at any time with Self-Contained Deployment (SCD) – even if the version is not installed on the server.) It did take a little while to get .NET 5 available for FDD on our entire system since we’ve been going through a round of hardware upgrades. I’m happy to say that we’ve finished this round of upgrades and so now .NET 5 is available on all servers.

IP Restriction for Private MySQL Server

Takeshi EtoWe added IP Restriction to the Private MySQL Server service for additional security.

With this feature, customers that use Private MySQL Servers can restrict the connection to their MySQL server to only be from a specific list of IPs. The customer can update their “allowed” IP list at any time through their Control Panel.

More information about Private MySQL Servers at Everleap

IP Restriction Feature for Private SQL Server

Takeshi EtoFor additional security, we’ve added IP Restriction to the Private MS SQL Server service.

With this feature, customers that use Private SQL Servers can restrict the connection to their SQL server only from specific IPs. Multiple IPs are supported and the customer can update their “allowed” IP list at any time through their Control Panel.

More information about Private SQL Servers at Everleap

PCI Certification Solution Available

Takeshi EtoDo you have an ecommerce website that accepts credit card payments or are currently working on incorporating credit card processing into your website/business? Do you use a credit card processor or do you use PayPal or any other third party payment services? If so, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires you to adhere to the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS).

SiteLock PCI Compliance Scan Service
Through our partner, SiteLock, we now offer PCI Compliance Scan services to get you PCI Certified. SiteLock is a official PCI Certification provider. You can order the PCI Compliance Scan service through your Control Panel.

Good Bye 2020 – Hello 2021

Takeshi EtoWhen 2020 began, we were excited about the prospects the new year could bring. But those feelings were crushed with news of a mysterious rapidly spreading disease and finally hearing the that this was a full-blown pandemic.

Once the pandemic declaration was made, lockdown orders soon followed, and we quickly took action to have all our staff work remotely. Of course, we had our hiccups, but since we were already set up with the ability for our system admin staff to work remotely (prior to the pandemic), we were able to transition all our staff quickly.

We knew it was important for us to be able to maintain our hosting infrastructure and our customer support, as our customers would increasingly rely on their online presence to help get them through this new reality. We also thought that we may see many businesses, developers and entrepreneurs pivot their businesses or launch new lines of online ventures and new projects.

I’m extremely proud that our team has been able to deliver on our hosting promises even during a tough 2020.

Highlights from 2020

In the past, at the end of most years, I posted lists of things that we accomplished. In this post, I just want to highlight a few things we did in 2020.

Security Solutions

Due to increased reliance on online technologies during the pandemic and with many working from home and most using their own hardware, we thought it was important to focus on security.

Technology Enhancements

Onward to 2021

As we put 2020 behind us and begin a new decade, we continue to be hopeful and we will continue to strive to offer our customers solid hosting solutions that they can count on.

We want to thank all our customers for your business and we wish all of you a happy new year. Stay safe and healthy.

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Introducing Office 365 Cloud Backup

Takeshi EtoToday we announce the launch of an Office 365 Cloud Backup solution. Many of you subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365 service for your business or for a personal account. The new Office 365 Cloud Backup service is a comprehensive solution that backs up Exchange email along with attachments, your contacts, calendar and tasks, and also SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups and Teams.

The Office 365 Cloud Backup solution is cost effective starting at $3.34 per month and we are offering a 30 Day FREE Trial.

Email Cloud Backup Solution

Takeshi EtoToday we announce the launch of our Email Cloud Backup solution. Email is one of the most primary methods we all use to communicate and it is vital for our business and personal lives. With all the institutional and personal memories stored deep within our email boxes, we still rarely think about backing up email. And I’m sure we’ve all had situations of panic or frustration when we can’t find that important message, document or picture that was emailed to us.

Enter Email Cloud Backup – Email Cloud Backup is a cost effective solution for backing up your email boxes. Starting at $1 per month, we also offer 30 day FREE Trial.

email cloud backup

SQL 2019 Hosting is available now

Takeshi EtoSQL 2019 is available as a new option for your Shared SQL database in our Shared Cloud Hosting Plans or for Private SQL database servers. You can create shared SQL 2019 databases or order Private SQL servers in your Everleap Control Panel.

sql 2019 hosting

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Security Vulnerability Bulletin: Telerik Web UI Controls

Takeshi EtoWe posted this content over on our DiscountASP.NET Blog but we port it over here because we want all our customers to know about a recent rise of hacking activities associated with the Telerik Web UI Control. If you are using Sitefinity, DotNetNuke or have a custom application that uses Telerik controls, please read on.

PHP 7.4 and PHP 7.3 Available

Takeshi EtoPHP 7.4 and PHP 7.3 are both available on the Everleap platform now. You can select the PHP version in the Everleap control panel. In general, PHP 7.4 and PHP 7.3 will give you faster performance than previous versions.

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