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SQL 2017 is available now

Takeshi Eto I’m happy to announce that SQL Server 2017 is available as a database option for Shared SQL in our Cloud hosting plans and for our Private SQL servers. You can now create SQL 2017 databases in the Everleap Control Panel. All of the SQL tools available for SQL 2016 are available for SQL 2017.


SQL 2017 Hosting


Some of the new features of SQL 2017 include general performance improvements, query processing enhancements like adaptive query processing, new string functions, graph database capabilities, and security enhancements like Always encrypted and row level security.


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Top Things We Accomplished in 2018

Takeshi Eto Happy new year everyone! Another year has gone by. I usually end the year with a list of accomplishments but was not able to publish the list until now. Here is my annual Top list for accomplishments for 2018.

Sponsoring Pittsburgh GiveCamp

Takeshi Eto Everleap will be donating free hosting accounts to charities participating in the Pittsburgh GiveCamp, happening over this weekend starting Friday Oct. 19th through Oct. 21st at Work Hard Pittsburgh.

We wish them an awesome event!


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EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Certification Renewed

Takeshi Eto
I’m happy to announce that we have successfully renewed our EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield certification. We worked with our privacy management solutions partner, Truste, to help us in this effort. If you want more information about the program, you can visit

Sponsoring 2018 Southwest Ohio GiveCamp

Takeshi Eto Everleap will be donating free hosting accounts to charities participating in the Southwest Ohio GiveCamp, happening over the weekend starting Friday Oct. 19th at the Miami University Voice of America Learning Center. Participants this year include the Miami Valley Community Action Partnership, Santa Maria Community Services, Yellow Springs Senior Citizens and more. As always there’s a lot of work ahead and the GiveCamp team can use volunteers. We wish them an awesome event!


SoutWest Ohio GiveCamp


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nopCommerce Days Conference 2018

Takeshi Eto Our friends at nopCommerce are hosting their 2018 nopCommerce Days Conference in Las Vegas on November 8-9th at the Hard Rock hotel.

This year, nopCommerce is expecting over 700 attendees from over 30 countries. And with over 20 exhibitors and 25+ speakers, it’ll be a great place to learn more about nopCommerce and their future plans, the nopCommerce ecosystem and partners, and best e-commerce practices.

I’m planning on going myself. Maybe I’ll see you there?


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Google turns on native ad-blocking and what it means for advertisers like us

Takeshi Eto On February 15, 2018 Google released version 64 of their Chrome browser which includes a built-in ad-blocker. John blogged about this over on our DiscountASP.NET blog – you can get some more details over on that post including what will be considered “offensive” ads in Google’s ad-blocker.

The notable thing with this new Chrome release is that the Google ad-blocker is ON BY DEFAULT. So by default, Google will be determining what ads you see or not see. And with the Chrome browser marketshare being over 50%, that means eventually half of the browsers out there will have an active ad-blocker.

Top 10 Things We Accomplished in 2017

Takeshi EtoAnother year is in the books. Here is my annual Top 10 list of accomplishments for 2017.

  1. Expanded our Private Database offerings
    Back in 2016, we launched Private SQL hosting – a solution for customers to get their own private server with a SQL server installation that is not shared with any other customer.  This database solution is ideal for sites that have large databases, those who need hosting for many small databases, and those who need special customized configuration on their SQL server. In 2017, we expanded our Private Database service to include:

    1. Private MySQL hosting – Your own private server loaded with MySQL.
    2. Private MongoDB hosting – Your own private server loaded with MongoDB, a popular NoSQL solution.

    Private Database Special: we are currently offering 50% off the first month of any Private Database servers. If you are interested in getting your own database server for peak performance and customization, please contact us.

SQL Reporting Services 2016 available

Takeshi EtoDue to customer demand, we’ve added SQL Reporting Services 2016 as the latest option for reporting services. Some of the enhancements in SQL Reporting Services 2016 include:

Introducing Private MongoDB hosting

Takeshi EtoI’m excited to announce the launch of Private MongoDB hosting at Everleap.

This new premium NoSQL solution will provide you with your own private MongoDB server. Your MongoDB databases will get access to all of the disk space, CPU and RAM on the virtual machine. And like our other hosting services, it is fully managed. We will handle all the server updates and security at no additional cost, freeing you to devote your time and resources to your website and applications rather than server maintenance.

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