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Shared SQL 2016 is available now

Takeshi EtoI’m happy to announce that SQL Server 2016 is available as a database option on all of our cloud hosting plans.

sql 2016 hostingYou can now create SQL 2016 databases in the Everleap Control Panel. All of the SQL tools available for SQL 2014 and SQL 2012 are also available for SQL 2016.

And Managed SQL 2016 is coming soon…

Website Cloud Backup – Automate your site and database backups

Automated backupsTakeshi EtoToday I’m excited to announce a new Website Cloud Backup solution that will automatically backup your website, SQL databases, and MySQL databases off-site onto the Amazon cloud. The service comes with a web-based management portal to manage backup scheduling, versions and restoration.

It’s a solution for “Oops” recovery
We’ve all accidentally overwritten something or deleted an important file that broke a site or destroyed a site’s layout. Cloud Backup can save you hours of painstaking work.

Everleap attains Microsoft Gold Hosting competency – again!

Takeshi EtoI’m very happy to report that we’ve successfully renewed our Microsoft Gold Partner status for 2016, making this our 11th year in a row.

microsoft-gold-partner-300x84Every year we invest time and resources in meeting the high bar of requirements that Microsoft has set for the Microsoft Gold Partner status. We do this to demonstrate our commitment to staying on top of Microsoft technologies, and to maintain access to MSDN subscriptions, product licensing, Microsoft support and other pre-sales/advisory resources that are only available to Gold Partners.

Top 10 things we accomplished in 2015

I’ve been recapping our Top 10 accomplishments at DiscountASP.NET for many years over on the DiscountASP.NET blog, so I started the same tradition for Everleap last year. Here is my Top 10 list for 2015.

  1. Launched Managed SQL hosting
    managed sql hostingWe offer a Shared SQL hosting solution with our cloud hosting plans but some of you told us you needed more – more SQL storage, or more customization, or you needed to manage a lot of smaller SQL databases for a growing SaaS application. So we launched a Managed SQL hosting solution where you get your own private VM with your own SQL installation. Since it’s a private VM that is not shared with any other customers, we can do some customization on the server. We can enable features like SQL CLR and SQL Jobs or install special software or set up custom configurations for transaction logs or backups.

CIO Review Recognizes Everleap in 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers List

Takeshi EtoI’m happy to announce that Everleap was recognized in CIO Review’s annual, “100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers” for 2015.

Top 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Provider 2015Having launched Everleap just last year, this recognition is validation of all of the hard work our entire team has put in to deliver a simplified cloud hosting solution that businesses can understand and budget for.

SSL certificate renewal system added to Control Panel

Takeshi EtoIf you purchased an SSL certificate through Everleap, now you can renew the certificate in Control Panel.

60 days prior to expiration a “renew” link will appear in the SSL certificate list in the Control Panel ‘Services | SSL Certificates’ section. You can run through the tool to renew your SSL certificates.

Yes, it’s already been a year for some Everleap SSL certificates! Time flies and we appreciate every one of you early adopters.

Multi-year domain renewals through Control Panel

Takeshi EtoSome of you have asked us for the ability to register domains for multiple years, so we’ve added a Domain Renewal system to Control Panel that allows you to do just that.

In the Domain services section, you’ll notice a new “Renew” link. In the Renew panel, you can extend your domain registration for multiple years.

Everleap Renews Microsoft Gold Partner Status for Hosting Competency

Takeshi EtoI am proud to report that we have successfully renewed our Microsoft Partner Gold Hosting Competency for 2015! This marks our 10th year maintaining Microsoft Gold Partner status.

microsoft-gold-partner-300x84Microsoft continues to raise the bar to attain the Gold partner level so we have to make an investment every year to maintain our status. To earn a Microsoft Gold Competency, organizations must employ several Microsoft Certified Professionals who must pass various up-to-date certification exams related to the competency,  demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction by participating in an annual survey (and scoring well on that survey), submit multiple customer references, as well as pass Cloud technology and marketing assessments.

Introducing Everleap Managed SQL Hosting – your own SQL server for large or multiple databases

Takeshi EtoWe’re excited to announce the availability of Managed SQL Hosting at Everleap. This new premium SQL solution will provide you with your own SQL server that is not shared with any other customers. Your database service gets access to all of the disk space, CPU and RAM on the server. Like all of our hosting services, it is fully managed. We handle server updates and security at no additional cost, freeing you to devote your time and energy to your site or application, not server maintenance.

managed sql hosting

.NET 4.5.2 at your service!

Takeshi EtoWe performed our second Windows Azure Pack (WAP) update yesterday. Did your users notice it? Probably not, since websites were operational during the update.

One of the benefits of Azure Pack and the Everleap platform is the ability to roll out updates across all of the servers without any interruption in website availability. A significant improvement over traditional hosting where brief outages for updates are unavoidable. The roll out of the update actually went on all through the night and into this morning.

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