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SQL 2014 is here!

Takeshi Etosql 2014 hostingSQL Server 2014 is now available as a database option on all of our cloud hosting plans.

You can create both SQL 2014 and SQL 2012 databases in the Everleap Control Panel. We have also enhanced the SQL backup tool, so now you can choose whether you want your backups in the form of the traditional .bak file, or zipped to save space.

Everleap is your boutique hotel

Takeshi EtoI’ve been in the hosting industry for over 15 years and my relative’s eyes still glaze over when I try to explain what I do.

People use the internet every day to check email, look at websites, and consume online videos but the underlying infrastructure is still a mystery. Throw in the overhyped term “cloud” – which is used to describe practically anything that is hosted – and things become even more confusing for everyone.

My go-to way to describe what we do has always been to use a housing analogy, and during the //BUILD 2014 conference Scott Hanselman used the same method to describe the differences between Cloud Websites and Virtual Machines as the difference between staying in a hotel room vs. owning your own home.

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