Changing the Node.js version

Ray PenalosaUnlike traditional web hosts, the Everleap system supports multiple versions of Node.js.

Here’s a full list of available versions, and instructions for changing the version your website uses:

Depending on when your website was created, the default version could be 4.2.3 or 0.10.5.

How to change the Node.js version



That’s all there is to it.

Here’s a sample application that displays the version of node.js that your site is running:

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5 Responses
  • Guest Reply

    Hi Ray, what would happen if we set it to a newer version than what you have listed? At this time there appears to be v6.4.0 for the latest version.

    If v5.1.1 is the latest Everleap supports at this time, how will we know when you add support for newer versions?

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      When new versions are added the selector in Control Panel will update automatically and you’ll see the new versions as options.

      We don’t add versions manually, they are part of Microsoft updates to the platform.

  • Guest Reply

    Hi Michael, there is no “selector” for this, though. As described above, we have to manually enter a value, so there doesn’t appear to be a way to see new versions.

    Any idea when the next platform update will be? It seems to be hard to find the latest release notes for WAP.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      Ah yes, sorry, you’re right. We don’t really know when the updates are going to come, but they are infrequent. We’ll always post updates like that in the release notes ( if we don’t make a blog post.

      We also send out email prior to WAP (Windows Azure Pack) updates that are going to cause brief outages.

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      Next update is 11/14. Not sure which version Node is updating to (if it is), but we’ll send out a new features email after the update.

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