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Deploying to Everleap Using Git

Michael OssouEarly last month, Michael Phillips wrote about our Git support. As you may know, you have a Git repository included for free with your Everleap account. So if you’re not using TFS for your site, I would urge you to at least use Git. If you’re not familiar with Git, take a look at this video to help you get started.

How to Set Up ASP.NET Custom Errors

Michael OssouThere are two primary reasons to configure your website to use ASP.NET Custom Errors. The first being to provide your end users with a polished experience, even when things don’t go as expected. Nothing says “this site was slapped together” more than the generic 404 page issued by IIS or the 500 series yellow screen of death the ASP.NET Engine generates.

There are also security concerns when rendering verbose error messages to your users browser. There is no need for the world to know anything about the inner workings of your application. In fact if your website does expose verbose error data, you likely will not have a shot at becoming PCI compliant.

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