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Web about to reach one billion site mark

Michael PhillipsHere at Everleap we use the Windows Azure Pack, so we’re always happy to see headlines like, “Microsoft threatening Apache’s market lead” in Netcraft’s May 2014 Web Server Survey.

But even more interesting than that are the latest Netcraft website numbers: “In the May 2014 survey we received responses from 975,262,468 sites — 16 million more than last month.”

That means that this summer – in June or July – the web will hit the one billion sites mark. (Update: We reached it in early July!)

Everleap partners with SiteLock for website security and CDN

Takeshi Etositelock website security and cdnIf you’ve been searching for a no-hassle method to protect and speed up your site, SiteLock is the answer!

Today we are announcing a partnership with SiteLock to help protect your websites from hackers and evil-doers and to help speed up your site with a basic Content Delivery Network (CDN).

SQL 2014 is here!

Takeshi Etosql 2014 hostingSQL Server 2014 is now available as a database option on all of our cloud hosting plans.

You can create both SQL 2014 and SQL 2012 databases in the Everleap Control Panel. We have also enhanced the SQL backup tool, so now you can choose whether you want your backups in the form of the traditional .bak file, or zipped to save space.

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