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Direct access to SQL database backup downloads

Michael PhillipsYou’ve always been able to make a real-time backup of your databases in Control Panel, but if you needed yesterday’s database, or the one from the day before, you had to contact us and wait while someone over here retrieved it for you and dropped it into your site.

That’s never been convenient or efficient, so we got to thinking, “Why don’t we just expose our daily backups to the customers?” And now we have. Effective immediately, we’re giving you direct access to our SQL database backups.

Everleap customer story – Q&A with Jim Horne of XWord Info

Michael PhillipsXWord Info is a comprehensive online record of the daily New York Times crossword puzzles dating back to 1959. It is the most accurate source of puzzle data from the publication, updated as soon as each new puzzle is available on the web.

We talked recently with site founder and crossword junkie Jim Horne to learn a little more about his site and his set-up.

Thanks for talking with us Jim. How did you get into crossword puzzles and what’s the background of the site?

XWord-Info-Jim-EverleapI used to write about crosswords for the New York Times and I wanted a way to collect and analyze statistical information about the crosswords themselves. That evolved into what XWord Info is today, a comprehensive record of New York Times crosswords.

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