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Everleap customer story – Q&A with Jeremy Geatches of Country Meats

Michael PhillipsThe entire Q&A with Jeremy – and more customer stories – are available on our site.

Country Meats started in the late 1970s as a meat cutting operation. The family owned and operated business grew over the years to include a smoked house for producing cured hams and bacon. 2013 marked their 35th year in the meat business. They have sold over 70 million snacks to date in 16 flavors for fundraising projects across the US.

Thanks for talking with us Jeremy. Tell us about the history of your site and your move toward e-commerce.

Country-Meats-Jeremy-EverleapI made our first site, an information page to show flavors, in MS Front Page in 2004. I reverse engineered a PHP contact form I found for free on the internet. We were or something free like that.

Control Panel Speed Increases

Michael PhillipsWe’ve made some changes to the way Control Panel fetches and presents data. The changes will make some pages considerably faster than they have been in the past.

We spent some time carving up the out-of-the-box Windows Azure Pack control panel API, and we were able to make some pretty dramatic page loading time improvements. You’ll see a faster main page after login, and a faster site page. Those were the two slowest pages so they were the first ones we wanted to attack. We’re continuing work on improving speed elsewhere in Control Panel as well.


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