Configuring Email Accounts in nopCommerce

As the holidays approach, online stores will get more active. For online ecommerce success, customer communication is a vital part of the customer experience. If your customers have a question about any product, they should be able to communicate with you and if any customers places an order on your site, your store site should send an email notification to the customer right away with order details. In this post I’ll show you where and how to configure your email settings.

In nopCommerce, all the email services like order notification, contact us form, or customer support email depends on the configuration of email accounts in administration area.

To manage/configure Email Accounts, login to your nopCommerce store site as an administrator.

Go to: Administration -> Dashboard

Navigate to: Configuration -> Email Accounts

While configuring your email account, you will see following options:

Once you have saved the configuration/mailbox credentials, you can try sending a test email by using this section.

I hope this will help you keep in touch with your customers.

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About Guest Blogger: Lavish Kumar

Based out of New York, USA, Lavish Kumar is a full stack web developer by profession and founder of Striving Programmers, a resource of nopCommerce tutorials and a trusted community for developers that offers a wealth of articles and forums to assist individuals with improving their software development skills. He’s been a nopCommerce MVP for the past 8 years, winner of nopCommerce award and is passionate about nopCommerce, writing tech articles and building great web applications. Lavish is an active open-source contributor, author of the official nopCommerce designer’s guide and is often found on the nopCommerce forum assisting users to resolve problems. Lavish specializes in custom web applications, e-Commerce platforms, CMS implementation and CRM systems. Lavish’s technical experience also includes development of custom nopCommerce themes and plugins for a wide variety of users and his dedication to nopCommerce is evident in all of his projects.

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