Everleap community spotlight – Kids-U and GiveCamp

Michael PhillipsThe entire Kids-U GiveCamp story – and many more customer stories – are available on our website.

Kids-U is a Texas non-profit that has provided after school tutoring in math, language arts and reading to over 3,000 students in Dallas. 99.9% of Kids-U students have been promoted to the next school grade. How can an organization like this afford to hire designers, developers, business consultants and IT professionals? In short, they can’t. Every single penny they raise goes towards ensuring underprivileged children get the support they need.


Recently, Ryan Gilmour and Dallas GiveCamp teamed up to build a great database application for Kids-U. GiveCamp is a weekend-long event that pairs charitable organizations with technology professionals who donate their time to assist these non-profits in developing solutions, strategies and tools that help them continue their good work more effectively and efficiently.

Ryan said, “I love what I do – using technology to solve business problems. With GiveCamp, I get to use the skills I use every day to help clients and give to charities that don’t have the money or the expertise to make things happen. Whether it’s starting up a digital presence or automating a business need, small charities face massive technology struggles. All their money goes towards their beneficiaries. They need a web presence, social media, contact management, etc. to connect with donors, sponsors and volunteers. Seeing this come to life over the weekend is so rewarding.”

Kids-U-Diana-EverleapDiana Baker, Executive Director and co-founder of Kids-U said, “It was important that I had a database where we could collect data on our students to present outcomes on an annual basis. This database is something that I have always dreamed about. When I found out that we were selected by GiveCamp, I couldn’t believe it.”

There were nine developers helping with the project, led by Brent Daily of Slalom,  a business consulting company with offices across North America. Each team member averaged 33-36 hours of work over the GiveCamp weekend. It would have cost Kids-U between $40,000 and $65,000 to purchase the database Brent’s team delivered.

That is what GiveCamp is all about, and we’re proud to donate hosting services and financial support to GiveCamps and the charities they help all over the country. Check out the GiveCamp website and get involved locally. It’s a rewarding and fulfilling experience for everyone who participates.


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