Everleap customer story – Q&A with GDLsystems

Michael PhillipsGDLsystems-logo-EverleapGDLsystems, based in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a digital agency that helps small to mid-sized business clients benefit from web applications and systems. They specialize in e-commerce sites and online catalogs, developing primarily in .NET.

We talked with GDLsystems.com CEO Juan Pablo Orozco to learn a little more about how they use Everleap for their e-commerce development projects.

What prompted you to look to Everleap for hosting services?

I had all my projects hosted on Rackspace. Actually, we have a lot of projects still on Rackspace. However, there were several e-commerce sites not working well with them. The specific problem that triggered the search of a new provider was session management failure in Rackspace and the inability to configure it. The CloudSites product was just not working any more for our e-commerce sites.

Since we develop only on .NET, we prefer a provider that is an expert specifically on that platform. When I searched on Google for new providers, I found Everleap, a cloud service specialized in ASP.NET, so I thought it would be a good choice. Then I found out that Everleap was a business related to DiscountASP.NET and I remembered the good support I received from them years ago, so I decided to try Everleap.

And how did things go?

Our test period was successful. Everleap focuses on the technology and we like that you offer a service not just a server. We don’t want to focus on server management.

Could you tell us a little more how you benefit from our platform?

I receive a service that is focused only on ASP.NET technology – you always offer the newest version available of ASP.NET right away. Since we develop everything on that technology, that’s really important for us.

Everleap also offers scalability if we need it in the near future. Usually when a new site is released to production, it will not handle a lot of requests. But of course we want it to be successful and attract a lot of visitors. So I like the idea that I can host the site with Everleap from the beginning when there are very few visitors and in case of a sudden success, we won’t need to migrate the site to another provider.

How has the customer service experience been with Everleap?

Excellent! Every time I had a chat session with an Everleap technical advisor, I received advice on how to solve my technical problems and they had a very strong knowledge about ASP.NET technology. They also followed up to ask if everything was OK. With Everleap, I receive the kind of support of a big company with the sense of personal attention like a small business.

We have a strategy plan to migrate all of our e-commerce sites to Everleap. Currently we have about eight sites hosted with you. By moving all our existing sites with e-commerce functionality, there would be about 100 in total.

The entire Q&A with Juan, as well as those of other business owners and developers, are available to read and download on our site.

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