Everleap Sponsored AZGroups Scott Guthrie Event

Takeshi EtoAZGroups held an event in January featuring Scott Guthrie himself.

Even though Scott is now insanely busy as the Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group at Microsoft, he still takes the time to do these events and code in front of developers in his signature red polo shirt. It’s pretty impressive.

The event was held at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Orpheum Theater Downtown PhoenixEverleap was one of the sponsors of the event. I worked the sponsor table and had a great time talking to customers, usergroup people, and those who were hearing about Everleap for the first time. And our slinky swag was a hit!

Everleap Cloud Hosting Sponsor TableAs I was waiting off-stage at the start of the morning I got this pic of Scott Guthrie prepping his slides/demos for his talk.

Scott Guthrie prepares talk at AZgroups Event 2017Before Scott started, organizer and MC Scott Cate introduced DiscountASP.NET as one of the longest running sponsors of this event. I got a little stage time to introduce our Cloud Hosting solution, Everleap, and had a brief conversation with Scott Cate.

Then Scott Guthrie took over.

Scott Guthrie 2017 AZGroupsThe crazy thing was that Channel 9 came to the event and live streamed the whole thing. I wish they hadn’t told me before I went on stage – it made me doubly nervous.

You can catch Scott Guthrie’s presentation and the other presenters archived on Channel 9 here. I have to tip my hat to Channel 9, as they were able to pull together very professional-looking conference videos with very little equipment and time.

Thanks to everyone who came out. And thanks to the Scott Cate and his team for organizing this event.

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