Hosting nopCommerce on Everleap. What are your options?

Martin OrtegaBefore I get to the main point of this article, I acknowledge that even though Everleap is the perfect hosting environment for your nopCommerce site, it can be a little confusing for many people.

In this article, I’ll try to cut to the chase and explain why Everleap is the best environment for nopCommerce. And hint: It’s primarily because it is easy to instantly upgrade your site within our environment with pretty much no downtime. Here, let me explain…

Everleap has a few hosting options and different add-on/scaling configurations so that could lead to some confusion. Let me break it down.

First we have our Shared Cloud Hosting plans. We have two options – you can select the Single Site plan or the Multi-Site plan.

Single-Site Plan – Shared Cloud Hosting
If you’re just starting with nopCommerce, wondering how nopCommerce works, learning how to navigate the application, and learning how to setup a store, you can just use the basic Single-site plan. This assumes that you do not have a store to launch right away. Because of the resource requirements of the nopCommerce application, for a live production storefront, the basic single-site plan will not give you the best performance.

Single-Site Plan with Medium Reserved Server
For a live production store, we highly recommend the Single-Site plan with the Medium Reserved server. This would run you about $60 per month, but when you first sign up, you have 30 days to try out the hosting service – even the reserved server. What does that mean? Our billing system won’t charge your credit card for the first 30 days. After that, the site account renews quarterly. You can set for a longer billing cycle in the control panel and get some discounting.

Demo nopCommerce Store on Shared Cloud Hosting
For those of you wondering how nopCommerce runs on our Shared Cloud Hosting system. We have a demo site that you can check out at: This demo site runs on the Single-Site plan with a Medium Reserved server. The demo site uses sample product data downloaded from the website, and the application is downloaded directly from nopCommerce using the 32-bit no-source running the latest version 4.6.2. (NOTE: We will update the version from time to time)

It’s snappy, isn’t it? ­čśĆ

Mulit-Site Plan – Shared Cloud Hosting
So, what about the Multi-site plan? Some customers also use the Multi-site plan, but in general I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to have a test/dev/staging site, in addition to your production site. You see, with the Multi-site plan, you can host 5 websites with their own isolated application pools. However, on the Reserved Server, this can be a little tricky. Mainly because all 5 websites will share the resources on the Reserve Server. So for the medium reserved server all the resources (2 CPUs and 2GB of RAM) are shared between those 5 sites. However, this is only true, if you add an active application to the 5 sites that are supported with the plan. For some customers, they use the Multi-site plan and only have one active nopCommerce site and an extra site for their development work. If you choose to do this, don’t forget to turn off the development site within the control panel’s Site Tool section. That way, the other site doesn’t use any of the resources of the reserved server.

Scaling with Shared Cloud Hosting
What happens when you outgrow the medium reserve server? On Everleap, we made upgrading the site account extremely easy. You can always upgrade from Medium to Large Reserved Server instantly. If you upgrade, your application’s process is spun up on the new server Large Reserved Server without the need for any site migration. Everleap allows you to easily upgrade from Medium to Large with practically no downtime. With the Large Reserved Server, you get 4 CPUs and 4GB of RAM.

However, what happens if you need even more resources than the Large Reserved Server or you need some customization which aren’t supported on a shared cloud hosting service? Your next option is our Managed Hosting Service.

Managed Hosting Solution at Everleap

Why go with Managed Hosting?
If you outgrow our Shared Cloud Hosting solution, we recommend going to our Managed Hosting over migrating to VPS or Dedicated Servers. You may be asking why? My question to you would be, why not? Over the last few months, since I have been having meetings around our managed hosting services, I have learned a lot from our customers – .NET Developers or e-commerce site owners. And many have been hosted on VPS or Dedicated servers and were looking at alternative solutions to solve some issues they were experiencing. The issues that site owners on VPS or Dedicated Servers were having breaks down into two categories:

No simple way to upgrade
I’ve talked to business owners who outgrew their VPS server and were at a point where they needed to upgrade to a larger VPS or Dedicated Server. Or they were experiencing a temporary surge in activity and needed to scale up and then later scale down. Either way, they were facing another site migration, which was going to be disruptive.

If you ran a successful ad campaign and generated a lot of activity for your site, that’s awesome. You shouldn’t be penalized for your success. At Everleap our managed hosting solution is build on a Hyper-V Hyper-converged system which allows you to easily upgrade your webserver with minimal downtime. If you need a temporary increase in resources, let us know what is going on and we can help you get through your site’s busy season. Sometimes, when you have an e-commerce site, you never know when the s*!@ hits the fan. Just know when you host with Eveleap, we have your back as well as your customer’s back.

Server management issues
The other group of site owners didn’t have the technical expertise to manage their own server. They tried to manage the server themselves but often messed things up and had to put in a lot of time to fix issues and weren’t able to focus on their core business. Or they didn’t have the technical skills to manage the server and had to hire consultants from the hosting provider or outside developers to fix technical issues and that added to their costs. Or their hired help could no longer help or was no longer around to help.

Everleap’s Managed Hosting solution is fully-managed. That means that our team of experts will take care of the server management, server updates, security patches… etc. You can focus on your business, with peace of mind. Our team has been managing servers for tens of thousands of websites and databases for over 20+ years.

Want to learn more about hosting options at Everleap? Schedule a meeting with me and I’d be happy to learn about your company and your site needs, and I can recommend the best hosting options for your situation.

Learn more about Everleap Shared Cloud Hosting and Everleap Managed Hosting services.

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