How to Migrate nopCommerce to Everleap Cloud Hosting

Martin OrtegaFirst, sign up for a site account.

Second thing you want to do is download your site from your current hosting provider:

1. Connect to your current site account via FTP

2. Make a backup of the MS SQL database (.bak format) and download it onto your computer.

3. Does your site use an SSL Certificate that you want to keep using with your current domain name?

Third, connecting to our services via FTP and uploading your site.

Next connect to Everleap via FTP.

Fourth, adding your domain name to the site account.

Fifth, uploading your PFX file if you want to use your old SSL Certificate.

If you don’t have teh time or the inclination to do the migration, we offer free migration services from your current hosting environment to our environment.

Contact our support department and provide them with the following information:

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