How to retrieve MS SQL database backup and restore it

Martin Ortega

There are times we as web developers might make a mistake while working on our database and forget to make a backup of the database.

Don’t worry, Everleap has your back. Did you know you could retrieve a MS SQL database backup from our nightly backup?

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Our Shared SQL database servers get backed up on a nightly basis around 1 AM – 3 AM in the morning. Our backup system backs up the directory where the databases are stored. We normally retain about 3 days worth of backups at any given time. For our customer’s convenience, we’ve made the backups available in the control panel.

SQL backup and restore
In the rest of this post, I show you how to retrive the SQL database backup and how to restore it.

First log into the control panel.

Click on the Database menu and select Shared MS SQL

Click on Manage next to the database you want to restore.
Click on the orange Backup tab.
In the Retrieve backup from SQL backup server section – Click on the Drop down menu under SQL Backup Date and select the backup date you want to pull.

Then select the site account where you want the .bak file to be placed. The .bak file will be placed in the /DatabaseBackup directory for the site account that you select. Don’t compress the backup as this will convert the .bak file into a zip file. Since the goal is to restore your SQL database to that specific date you want the .bak file to be formatted for easy restoration.

We now move on to restore your SQL database. Once the .bak file has been placed in your /DatabaseBackup directory, scroll up and click on the orange Restore tab. Select the site where you placed the .bak file in, then select the file and restore the database.

Mission accomplished.

But what if I need SQL backups from more than 3 days ago?
Fixing a mistake you just made is one thing. But if you just found out that your site was maliciously hacked, it could be that the SQL databases in our backup system are still messed up. In this case you would need to have backups from before the hacking incident.

Automated backupsIf you want to ensure you have earlier backups, then we have our Website Cloud Backup service. Website Cloud Backup allows you to automatically and securely back up your website, MS SQL databases and MySQL databases and store them for 30 days. You can retain multiple versions on the schedule you choose, easily restore files, and you can backup sites and databases from multiple sites – even sites that are hosted outside of Everleap.

Everleap customers can order the Website Cloud Backup service from their Control Panel.

I hope this article has been helpful. We welcome suggestions for future posts.

Visit to learn more about our cloud hosting and SQL hosting solutions.

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