Introducing Managed Hosting Services at Everleap

Martin OrtegaIn 2003, we started traditional Shared Hosting at DiscountASP.NET, and we learned a lot. We saw that there came a time when customers needed to upgrade their site to a server with more resources. So when we first designed Everleap, we thought of the different situations our customers would encounter in their hosting journey. People needed a modern web hosting service that could quickly grow with their sites and one with practically no downtime. So we designed our Everleap Shared Cloud Hosting solution with the ability to expand from our basic Shared cloud hosting service to our private Reserved Server instantly with little to no downtime.

But now, what happens to those customers who require something more than our Shared Cloud Hosting platform?

Introducing Everleap’s Managed Hosting Services

In a nutshell, Everleap’s Managed Hosting Solutions are our white glove, customized, private cloud hosting service for mission-critical sites. It was designed specifically for organizations that require near-zero downtime – websites that are so important that it would literally put a halt to their business if their site did go down. We understand the importance of the requirements of mission-critical websites and the need for a hosting provider that can fully support them and an easily expandable hosting system that can grow with their business. Our Managed Hosting Services support the needs of mission-critical sites.

Using VPS or Dedicated Servers?

Those who host on a VPS or a Dedicated Hosting service probably know how challenging it is to upgrade the platform. Upgrading usually involves service disruption. Recently, hardware costs have gone up and are hard to come by. This means that hosting fees have probably increased or will be increasing. Let’s face it, there comes a time when your site outgrows its current hosting service. Usually, this would be considered a good problem, but who wants to deal with service disruptions?

With Everleap’s Managed Hosting Services, we place your site on our highly available hyper-converged infrastructure allowing your server to grow with your location without significant service disruption. As your site grows, your servers can grow with it.

Server Information

Our servers are built on highly available hyper-converged systems. We can always customize the server specs, but the typical server specs are listed below, and the price ranges from $199 – $275 per month.

100 GB of Disk Space [60 GB used by O/S & 40 GB for data]
Fully Managed Service
Advanced Monitoring Service
50 GB of Cloud Backup Storage

Advanced Monitoring Services

Our Advanced Monitoring Service has got to be one of the most eye-opening and valuable tools I’ve seen for web applications. The monitoring system embeds itself into your server processes and monitors your application’s activity. This allows you to view specific data, like how long it takes for your website to run a SQL query, for instance. Our monitoring services can also tell you precisely which query took too long to complete. When was the last time you knew about your visitors leaving your website because they encountered an error? If you’re lucky, the website visitor reported the problem. But in most cases, the visitor will leave your site without your knowledge – and probably never return.

One of the most annoying things for web developers is trying to figure out what is wrong with their application and why it is not working as expected. Our monitoring tool logs previously encountered website errors, allowing you to figure out precisely what is wrong with the application quickly. With the monitoring service, you can figure out the origin of the error within 5 minutes. Without such monitoring, figuring out the source of the error can take days. The time savings alone make the monitoring services invaluable. You may never know something was wrong without the monitoring service. Our customers find the monitoring information extremely important, especially for e-commerce sites, as these errors could lead to significant sales loss.

Website Backups

Our Cloud Backup Service is provided as part of the Managed Hosting Service. This service backs up your website files and databases automatically to an offsite location using the Amazon cloud infrastructure. File retention can be customized, but the current default is as follows.

Website Files – Daily backup for 5-day retention and then one backup of your website files for one day each week going back for one month.

Databases -We back up your database on a local drive with a 3-day retention. Then, the Cloud Backup service will automatically back up your local drive to store the .bak files in an offsite location.

Everleap Managed Hosting Services Billing

Compared to other Public Cloud providers, like Microsoft Azure, we do not charge on a per-use basis. Many businesses find this way too confusing and stressful to manage. We have heard horror stories where one month you’re charged $475.00, and the next month, it’s $899.33 or more. Because of the complexity, some businesses hire a billing consultant to analyze their Public Cloud bills.

At Everleap, we think things should be kept simple. We offer our Managed Hosting Service at a flat monthly rate based on your server size, network configuration, and hosting needs/requirements. No more guessing how much you will pay the next month and the month after. If you add more server resources later, we will provide you with an updated monthly cost, allowing you to quickly expand and upgrade without surprises.

Want to learn more about Managed Hosting? Schedule a meeting with me!

Curious? We’d be happy to discuss your hosting situation and your hosting needs to see if our services are a good fit for your business. You can schedule a meeting with me using this link.

Visit Everleap to learn more about our Managed Hosting solutions.

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