Introducing Private MySQL Hosting

Takeshi EtoWe’re excited to announce the availability of Private MySQL Hosting at Everleap.

This new premium MySQL solution will provide you with your own private MySQL server that is not shared with any other customer. Your MySQL databases will get access to all of the disk space, CPU and RAM on the virtual machine. And similar to all of our other hosting services, it is fully managed. MySQLWe will handle all the server updates and security at no additional cost, freeing you to devote your time and resources to your website and web application and not on server maintenance.

This premium MySQL database solution addresses needs that are not met with our shared MySQL hosting services. The Private MySQL server solution can host large databases, as well as hosting a large number of smaller databases that are typical of multi-tenant SaaS applications.

Since each Private MySQL server is dedicated to a single customer, we can support some server customization that isn’t possible on a shared database server. Please reach out and we can discuss your needs.

We list two Private MySQL plans on our website: one with 2 CPU Cores with 2 GB RAM, and one with 4 CPU Cores with 4 GB RAM.  The disk space storage for both plans starts at 200 GB. But please note that you can choose the amount of RAM you want and the disk space storage can be expanded as well.

For more information, check out our website. If you’re already an Everleap customer, you can order Private MySQL service through your Control Panel (in the Database section).

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  • Guest Reply

    Very cool feature, nice work!

    Seems a bit pricey for a free database software, in my opinion.
    There’s a discussion in the forum here about SSL – will it be supported in a private server?

    Still think you guys should consider adding SSL to shared.

  • Michael Phillips Reply

    The price is in line with similar services from other hosts (not every host offers Private MySQL servers), and well under the price of metered database services like those you get from AWS or Azure. But, you know, “free” database software still needs to run on hardware that is not free, and it uses power and bandwidth that are not free, and that software and server have to be maintained and supported by people who don’t work for free…

    If you’ve used MySQL on a shared server you know that your “neighbors” on those servers can cause problems for your database. The Private MySQL servers are offered to remove that variable and give you a server that’s devoted to your databases only. It’s not for everyone, but if the performance of your MySQL databases has been an issue on shared servers it’s a good option to have.

  • Guest Reply

    Hi, what kind of performance gains can we get from a private server compared to my01 and my02 shared servers? Do you have any performance comparisons? Like for WordPress, etc.

    • Takeshi Eto Reply

      We don’t have a performance comparison between shared and private server as it depends on a lot of factors including the private server configuration you purchase. The Shared MySQL server will have many customer databases running on it, while the Private MySQL server will have only your databases. Bottomline is that we are here to help evaluate your hosting situation and recommend how best to handle your site. And know that we have ways to scale your database requirements.

      • Guest Reply

        Got it – keep up the great work!

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