Managed SQL Has a New User Tool – and a New Name

Takeshi EtoWe have introduced a new tool to add SQL users to the Managed SQL section of Control Panel.

But…Managed SQL it isn’t called Managed SQL anymore. Now it’s Private SQL.

We recently introduced Private MySQL, and for the sake of consistency (and descriptiveness) we changed Managed SQL to Private SQL.

The service is still fully managed of course, but naming conventions change, and in the cloud world, the services we’re offering – access to a customizable server isolated from other users – are usually referred to as “private,” so private it is. “Managed servers” in past years tends to bring to mind the old dedicated hardware boxes and those are becoming less common, and in the modern cloud age, the term “managed” is being used to refer to more consulting type services – so the new name is a more up-to-date description of the actual service we’re providing.

And if you haven’t checked out Private SQL or Private MySQL, you should take a look. They are great services if you maintain a very large database, or many smaller databases.

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