SQL 2016 is now available for Managed SQL

Michael PhillipsIf you have a large database, a lot of small databases, or need SQL server customization, our Managed SQL service is something you should consider.

And now you can get a Managed SQL server running SQL 2016. What’s new in SQL 2016? Stretch Database, Query Store, Temporal Tables, Native support for JSON and more.

Managed SQL is your own SQL server, you don’t share resources with any other users. If you have database resource needs that shared SQL hosting just can’t meet, take a look at Managed SQL. It could be the answer to your problems.

Well, your database problems, anyway. 😉

Note that SQL 2016 is not yet available in the Managed SQL dropdown in Control Panel. To set up a Managed SQL 2016 database, please open up a support ticket and we’ll get it set up for you. We’ll have it available in the Control Panel dropdown soon.

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