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Everleap Managed Hosting Customer Story – Gatsby

This is an excerpt, the entire story with Danny Esparra, as well as more customer stories, are available on our site.

Takeshi EtoGATSBY, an online store for women’s apparel and clothing, was growing rapidly as more and more customers embraced online shopping. The online store and accompanying applications serve shoppers looking for hot new looks and closet staples.

With so much growth and so many shoppers visiting the site, the GATSBY online experience started to show signs of fragility. Their site experienced persistent downtime and speed issues, leading to a frustrating user experience. This problem wasn’t fleeting; it persisted for over a year, which significantly hindered the company’s growth and led to noticeable revenue losses. Despite several attempts to rectify these performance issues through their local hosting solutions, GATSBY found these efforts to be insufficient, leaving them in search of a more robust and reliable solution.

As the company confronted these growth challenges,, IT Director Danny Esparra knew that a reliable and long-term solution was overdue.

GATSBY’s pivotal moment came when they discovered Everleap. Upon reviewing Everleap’s offerings, especially its Managed Hosting Service, GATSBY recognized a potential solution to their ongoing challenges. After a quick collaboration, Everleap stepped in to apply their expertise. Within just a week, Everleap had implemented their Managed Hosting Service for GATSBY, targeting the specific issues of downtime and slow website performance.

Everleap’s approach was comprehensive, focusing not just on immediate fixes but also on how to ensure long-term stability and scalability. This quick and efficient response demonstrated Everleap’s ability to handle complex technical challenges with agility and precision.

The results of Everleap’s intervention were transformative. GATSBY saw a significant enhancement in website performance, with noticeable reductions in downtime. This improvement was not just a technical success; it resonated deeply with their customer base, leading to increased customer satisfaction and engagement. The direct impact on GATSBY’s financial health was evident, as the enhanced website performance directly correlated with a reversal in the trend of revenue loss.

Since making the move to Everleap, the website has experienced minimal disruptions and performs better than ever. Customers are thrilled with the online experience and repeat shoppers are on the rise.

Here is the full story of Gatsby.

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Everleap Managed Hosting Customer Story – Showroom Software

Takeshi EtoThis is an excerpt, the entire story with Mark Remaly, as well as more customer stories, are available on our site.

In the Fall of 2022, the team at Showroom Software had finally had enough. After migrating to a public cloud platform, the IT and engineering professionals tasked with keeping the Showroom platform running for furniture stores and designers were at their breaking point. The problem? For all the performance and scalability of the public cloud infrastructure, their support and service were sorely lacking.

Showroom Software LogoShowroom Software was established in 2001, providing e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to furniture stores and designers alike. With the help of their software, businesses could manage customer orders, create custom catalogs, build websites, handle payment processing, generate leads, and more.

On the public cloud system, the team had difficulty troubleshooting problems quickly or getting real-time advice on how to optimize their architecture for maximum performance. This not only caused delays in their operations but also resulted in lost revenue due to downtime and other hiccups that could have been avoided with better guidance from the public cloud provider.

Mark Remaly Showroom SoftwareRealizing they needed a better hosting solution to ensure their customers’ success and that of Showroom Software’s own platform, they reached out to Everleap. Immediately impressed by Everleap’s commitment to 24/7/365 customer service, Showroom Software saw an opportunity to alleviate some of the pain points associated with cloud hosting.

With Everleap’s help, Showroom Software was able to make an effortless migration into the cloud while taking advantage of Everleap’s cloud hosting expertise as well as its proactive advanced monitoring capabilities. Now they have access to quality customer support whenever they need it — helping them nip issues in the bud before any significant downtime occurs — as well as knowledgeable engineers who can advise on best practices for designing high-performance applications at scale.

Here is the story of Showroom Software.

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Everleap Managed Hosting Customer Story – Chair Care Patio

Takeshi EtoThis is an excerpt, the entire story with Pelle Uvebrant, as well as more customer stories, are available on our site.

Chair Care PatioAll too often, small businesses choose technology without a clear understanding of what is available and what they need. When business consultant and full-stack developer Pelle Uvebrant began working with Chair Care Patio he learned that their small website was hosted with Azure, leading to huge costs and a complicated and cumbersome support experience. Even worse, the website faced several technical issues that the Azure team was slow to address for such a small business.

Pelle Uvebrant Chair Care PatioAs a result, Pelle quickly recommended a new hosting provider that could provide both the technical and support experience that the business needed.

With a quick web search, he discovered Everleap. Everleap offered a fully-managed private cloud solution, excellent customer support, and affordable pricing, which solved the client’s problems.

Here is the story of Chair Care Patio told from Pelle Uvebrant’s point of view.

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