Want to Give Everleap Reserved Cloud Servers a Try?

Martin OrtegaEver wanted to try one of our Reserved Cloud Servers but weren’t sure how it would work with your site? Well, we’re allowing current Everleap customers to try out a Reserved Cloud Server for a few days to see how you like it.

What are Reserved Cloud Servers exactly?

All the power you want! Kinda.

Your site (or sites, if you’re on the Multi-Site Cloud plan) is placed in its own reserved instance. That means no one else is on the server, it’s just you. Some of the benefits are:


We offer 3 different sizes of Reserved Cloud Servers:

Small – 1 CPU and 1GB of memory
Medium – 2 CPU and 2GB of memory
Large – 4 CPU and 4GB of memory


Simply contact support and we’ll enable the Reserved Cloud Server for a few days. Just let us know if you want a Small, Medium, or Large server. At the end of the trial we’ll ask you how you like it, and if you want to stay on, we’ll go ahead and upgrade you.

We’re often asked if there is any down time involved in upgrading your current site to a Reserved Cloud Server. The answer is no. The only “downtime” you might see is a slight hiccup while the process is being propagated to the Reserved Cloud Server. It should last less than a minute. Otherwise the change is instant.

A good majority of our customers who have tried a Reserved Cloud Server have loved it and ended up making the trial permanent.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free to try…

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