You Can Deploy Your .NET 6 Application to Everleap Now!

Ray HuangMicrosoft just released ASP.NET Core 6.0 on November 9, 2021.  This is a major release, and the key takeaway is that there is a lot of performance improvements to help make your apps faster and new coding syntax to hopefully make your coding life easier.  A complete list of changes can be found here.

Did you know that you can deploy .NET 6 applications to Everleap right now using Self-contained deployment? I’ll show you how to set the publish mode in Visual Studio.

Please do note that we have some instructions in our deployment guide in our knowledge base.

When you get to Publish Settings, just make sure you set the Deployment Mode to Self-contained and Target Runtime to win-x86

We’re still working on getting Framework-dependent deployment ready, but if you want to publish your .NET 6 application now, you can use the Self-contained method.  We’ll announce official support for Framework-dependent deployment in the upcoming weeks. 

We highly recommend that you download and install Visual Studio 2022 to develop your .NET 6 apps since that officially supports it, but it’s also possible to create a .NET 6 application in Visual Studio 2019 by following these instructions from StackOverflow.

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