Google’s Mobile-First Deadline is Coming: Technical Implications for .NET Developers

John MeeksGoogle’s mobile-first indexing shift has been years in the making, but the endgame is here: after July 5, 2024, sites that fail to deliver on mobile devices will get cut from Google’s index. Here’s the technical lowdown to future-proof your .NET applications.

The key takeaway is that mobile accessibility has graduated from best practice to absolute necessity. If your site can’t render or load on mobile, it’s effectively offline as far as Google’s concerned. This isn’t about abandoning desktop-centric designs – as long as that desktop experience gracefully translates to mobile, you’re in the clear.

For most modern sites, this change is a non-event. But if you’re maintaining a legacy site that doesn’t load on mobile (try loading it in your phone’s browser!), it’s time for some technical triage. Your mission is to ensure mobile accessibility.

One important caveat: Google will continue deploying the Googlebot Desktop crawler for product listings and Google for Jobs. So if you develop e-commerce solutions or job boards, expect to still see Googlebot Desktop in your server logs and adjust your user agent detection accordingly.

Google has set a hard deadline: mobile accessibility is now mandatory for indexing. Ensure your sites deliver a usable mobile experience. With proactive technical preparation, you can safeguard your sites’ search engine visibility.

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Google’s Third-Party Cookie Crackdown: What Web Developers Need to Know

John MeeksGoogle’s current plan to phase out third-party cookies from Chrome is close at hand and will be rolling out soon. As a web developer, you might be wondering what this means for your projects, your clients, and the future of online user tracking. Let’s break down the key implications and how you can adapt.

The End of an Era

Third-party cookies have long been the backbone of targeted online advertising. These small pieces of code, dropped onto users’ browsers by websites – other than the one they’re currently visiting – allow advertiser networks to build fairly detailed profiles of individuals’ browsing habits and interests. Google’s decision to eliminate third-party cookies marks a huge shift in how the web approaches user privacy and tracking.

Why the Change?

With growing privacy awareness, Google is bowing to pressure to give users more control over their data. The move aligns with evolving regulations like GDPR and CCPA, which grant consumers greater rights over their personal information. By getting rid of third-party cookie support, Google is trying to position itself as a privacy-conscious leader, in order to earn user trust and catch up with competitors, like Safari and Firefox, which have already blocked third-party cookies by default.

Impact on Web Development

So, what does this mean for web developers?

The Road Ahead

Google’s third-party cookie phase-out is a wake-up call for web developers to prioritize privacy in their work. While the shift presents challenges, it’s also an opportunity to create a more transparent, user-friendly web experience. By staying ahead of these changes and adapting your strategies, you can turn the end of the third-party cookie era into a chance for growth and innovation.

Some Resources

Stay Tuned

As Google rolls out these changes over time, keep a close eye on the implications for web developers. Even for basic websites, this change will be something to keep an eye out for as you view changes in your web stats and/or advertising of your site.

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Everleap Managed Hosting Customer Story – Gatsby

This is an excerpt, the entire story with Danny Esparra, as well as more customer stories, are available on our site.

Takeshi EtoGATSBY, an online store for women’s apparel and clothing, was growing rapidly as more and more customers embraced online shopping. The online store and accompanying applications serve shoppers looking for hot new looks and closet staples.

With so much growth and so many shoppers visiting the site, the GATSBY online experience started to show signs of fragility. Their site experienced persistent downtime and speed issues, leading to a frustrating user experience. This problem wasn’t fleeting; it persisted for over a year, which significantly hindered the company’s growth and led to noticeable revenue losses. Despite several attempts to rectify these performance issues through their local hosting solutions, GATSBY found these efforts to be insufficient, leaving them in search of a more robust and reliable solution.

As the company confronted these growth challenges,, IT Director Danny Esparra knew that a reliable and long-term solution was overdue.

GATSBY’s pivotal moment came when they discovered Everleap. Upon reviewing Everleap’s offerings, especially its Managed Hosting Service, GATSBY recognized a potential solution to their ongoing challenges. After a quick collaboration, Everleap stepped in to apply their expertise. Within just a week, Everleap had implemented their Managed Hosting Service for GATSBY, targeting the specific issues of downtime and slow website performance.

Everleap’s approach was comprehensive, focusing not just on immediate fixes but also on how to ensure long-term stability and scalability. This quick and efficient response demonstrated Everleap’s ability to handle complex technical challenges with agility and precision.

The results of Everleap’s intervention were transformative. GATSBY saw a significant enhancement in website performance, with noticeable reductions in downtime. This improvement was not just a technical success; it resonated deeply with their customer base, leading to increased customer satisfaction and engagement. The direct impact on GATSBY’s financial health was evident, as the enhanced website performance directly correlated with a reversal in the trend of revenue loss.

Since making the move to Everleap, the website has experienced minimal disruptions and performs better than ever. Customers are thrilled with the online experience and repeat shoppers are on the rise.

Here is the full story of Gatsby.

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.NET 8 Hosting is Supported

Takeshi EtoHere’s an end of the year present for you .NET developers!

Microsoft released .NET 8 last month. While it was always possible to deploy .NET 8 applications to our cloud hosting environment using Self-Contained Deployment (SCD), we now have .NET 8 (ASP.NET Core 8) installed on our cloud hosting servers. This means that customers can use Framework-Dependent Deployment (FDD) and Visual Studio 2022 to deploy their .NET 8 (ASP.NET Core 8) applications. hosting

Happy Coding!

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2FA Control Panel Access with Authentication App

Takeshi EtoWe’ve been seeing a rise in the number of hacking incidents with our customer’s control panels. To help secure Control Panel access, Everleap now supports Two-Factor Authentication access to the Control Panel using Authentication Apps, like Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

two factor authentication for Control Panel

At the same time we launch Authentication App support for 2FA Control Panel access, we will be restricting the existing Phone Text Message authentication to USA- and Canada-based phone numbers only. We are finding that each country has different and evolving rules and wildly varying costs that is making support for all international phone numbers difficult and resource consuming.

In general, we recommend using Authentication Apps for 2FA access.

Check out our knowledge base article to learn how to enable 2FA and secure your control panel login, today!

Stay Safe!

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The Advantages of Managed Hosting for .NET Developers

Martin OrtegaFor those developers who have been looking for an alternative hosting solution to the giant Public Cloud Hosting Providers because you are fed up with the unpredictable hosting costs and the “never-there” support, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Let me explain and get to the point.

In tech, we can’t know everything. When given the task of setting up one of your clients on AWS or Azure, you may encounter some learning curves that you probably would rather not deal with. We understand your frustration and we are here to help you. Let me tell you about some of the advantages Managed Hosting Solutions with Everleap provides for the .NET Developer.

Everleap Managed Hosting vs. Amazon AWS

Takeshi EtoWe often field questions about the differences between our Everleap Managed Hosting service and Public Cloud platforms. To address this topic, we previously published an article about the differences between Everleap Managed Hosting and Azure.

In this post, we will examine differences between Everleap Managed Hosting and Amazon AWS.

Unleash the Power of Everleap Managed Hosting: Your Ultimate Hosting Solution for your .NET Development Business

Martin OrtegaAs a .NET Web Developer, your clients will need their applications hosted somewhere. Many developers and clients may choose to use a Public Cloud offered by the giant companies like Microsoft and Amazon. However, you may want to check out Everleap’s Managed Hosting solution too, as we offer many benefits that will help your .NET development business.

Choice Overload
One of the most confusing things a .NET Developer faces is the magnitude of different options available on Public Cloud hosting environments. You have so many options you don’t know where to start – it can truly be choice overload. How do you know that the setup you are configuring for your client is the correct and best setup for their requirements? In short, in the best of worlds, you really only want to worry about the .NET application and not have to worry about the server it’s on.

You may or may not be a security expert, but you are right to be concerned about how to secure the hosting system for your client. It would be so much easier if you had some knowledgeable expert available to help you, that you didn’t have to pay a lot for.

In addition, your client would love for you to monitor their application 24/7, but who has the time and resources for that? How would you even monitor the application? It would be great to be able to proactively let your client know of some issue and how you will resolve it, rather than having the client contact you when they notice something is wrong.

In this post, I will highlight the benefits of our Managed Hosting solutions that help the .NET Developer’s business, especially addressing the issues that I brought up above.

Everleap attains EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, UK Extension, and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework Certification

Takeshi EtoIn 2022, the EU and US reached an agreement on a new EU-US Data Privacy Framework to replace the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which was struck down by an EU court some time ago. On July 17th, 2023, the US Department of Commerce announced the launch of the Data Privacy Framework (DPF) program and website.

EU US Data Privacy Framework

Everleap has attained the EU-US Data Privacy Framework certification along with the UK Extension and the Swiss-US Data Privacy Framework Certification. We worked with our privacy management solutions partner, TRUSTe (part of TrustArc) to verify our practices against the Framework principles.

For more information about the Data Privacy Framework program, you can visit We have updated our Privacy Policy and it is posted online here.

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Hosting nopCommerce on Everleap. What are your options?

Martin OrtegaBefore I get to the main point of this article, I acknowledge that even though Everleap is the perfect hosting environment for your nopCommerce site, it can be a little confusing for many people.

In this article, I’ll try to cut to the chase and explain why Everleap is the best environment for nopCommerce. And hint: It’s primarily because it is easy to instantly upgrade your site within our environment with pretty much no downtime. Here, let me explain…

oui décor