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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014 is Coming

Michael OssouThe mother of all code camps is only weeks away.

Attendance for the Silicon Valley Code Camp is usually over 5,000 people and this year we are expecting even more. As long time supporters of code camps, user groups, and the ASP.NET community at large, I can tell you this is the big one.

Getting Started with SiteLock

Ray PenalosaSiteLock is a security service that provides malware detection and protection from malicious attacks against your website.

SiteLock’s default scanning features include Network, Malware, SQL Injection, and Application scanning to identify malicious files or scripts.  SiteLock will also identify any potential weaknesses and exploits that your site may have.

Getting started with SiteLock may seem like a daunting task, but as with any new product, you will benefit from taking the time to get familiar with SiteLock. You can access the SiteLock dashboard from the Services section of the Everleap Control Panel.

Our first Windows Azure Pack and Windows update – did you notice it?

Frank CheungSo we went through our first Windows Azure Pack update and we also did the latest Windows update as well. The entire project was done in three phases. First, we updated our back end infrastructure, then updated Windows Azure Pack, and then we applied the latest Windows updates.

To update our back end infrastructure, we announced and scheduled a 10 minute outage mainly to update our databases to make way for the changes in the Windows Azure Pack update. While we never like taking an outage, in our testing in our dev environment a short outage was the cleanest way of getting the WAP update done without introducing a lot of other technical issues.

Why we moved the Everleap blog to the Everleap servers

Michael PhillipsYou may have assumed that the Everleap blog ran on Everleap servers, but until now, that hasn’t been the case.

Most businesses that provide public hosting services like we do also maintain separate “corporate” servers. Not necessarily for performance reasons, but for security, maintenance, legal, or any number of other reasons.

wordpress-logoSo this blog ran on a dedicated FreeBSD server. It uses WordPress, a php application, and most people still run those on linux or some other decidedly non-Windows server.

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