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How to run ASP.NET 5 beta apps on Everleap

Frank CheungASP.NET 5 is the very latest yes, and it’s pretty cool. But it’s also a significant departure from previous .NET versions. This version introduces a more modular .NET that has been optimized to run in the cloud.

You can read a lot more about it on the various Microsoft sites out there, and it’s still in beta, so expect some things to change. But if you are the curious type and want to run an 5.0 beta application on Everleap right now, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. You may be surprised at how easy it is.


The WordPress White Screen of Death and what you can do to fix it

Frank CheungWordPress is the most popular web application in the world, and one of the more common problems we have seen with it is commonly known as the White Screen of Death.

When there’s a problem with WordPress, it will display a plain white screen – which is very difficult to troubleshoot since it gives you no idea what the problem is.

Here are some of the common problems and fixes that we can recommend.

Choosing the best Reserved Cloud Server for your needs

Frank CheungThe Reserved Cloud Server is your own fully managed, SSD-powered private Cloud Server with resources that are dedicated exclusively to your sites. There are several reasons that a Reserved Cloud Server might be right for you:

Our first Windows Azure Pack and Windows update – did you notice it?

Frank CheungSo we went through our first Windows Azure Pack update and we also did the latest Windows update as well. The entire project was done in three phases. First, we updated our back end infrastructure, then updated Windows Azure Pack, and then we applied the latest Windows updates.

To update our back end infrastructure, we announced and scheduled a 10 minute outage mainly to update our databases to make way for the changes in the Windows Azure Pack update. While we never like taking an outage, in our testing in our dev environment a short outage was the cleanest way of getting the WAP update done without introducing a lot of other technical issues.

Running your site on multiple load balanced servers

Frank CheungEvery site hosted here at Everleap can run on (at least) two servers simultaneously, and traffic to those servers is automatically load balanced for maximum performance.

A multiple server environment like ours is the best way to handle to handle a heavy load on your site, but there are a couple of important things to keep in mind when you gear up to use more than one worker.

New features – secure app settings, scheduled tasks, CDN and more – available right now!

Frank CheungWe’re going full steam ahead launching new features for Everleap. We just launched the results of sprint #8 on Monday. This sprint included several interesting and useful features, here’s the list:

  • Added the ability to open an account without assigning it a domain name
  • Added a tool to allow you to securely set the connection string and appSettings from Control Panel
  • Added scheduled task
  • Added new SiteLock TrueShield product

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