Choosing the best Reserved Cloud Server for your needs

Frank CheungThe Reserved Cloud Server is your own fully managed, SSD-powered private Cloud Server with resources that are dedicated exclusively to your sites. There are several reasons that a Reserved Cloud Server might be right for you:

– If you run a mission-critical website and can’t run the risk of performance issues caused by other sites on a shared instance.

– If your site uses memory-intensive applications. When an application uses more than 500 MB of memory on our shared instances, the application is recycled, causing an unnecessary restart.

– If you do not want your site to timeout due to inactivity (no visit within 30 minutes). That inactivity threshold is not present on Reserved Cloud Servers.

– If your site has high CPU requirements, on a shared instance the CPU priority could be lowered for your site. On a Reserved Cloud Server, that will never happen.


Want some hard data about the performance of our Reserved Cloud Servers during some extreme load testing? Check out this article by Kevin Griffin on CodeProject.


Reserved Cloud Servers come in three sizes, and here are our recommendations for each:

Small Reserved Cloud Server: 1 GB of memory and 1 CPU

Medium Reserved Cloud Server: 2 GB of memory and 2 CPUs

Large Reserved Cloud Server: 4 GB of memory and 4 CPUs

Still have questions? We can help you assess which Reserved Cloud Server size is best for you. If you’re already an Everleap customer, just open up a support ticket. Not an Everleap customer yet? Drop us a line here.

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