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The WordPress White Screen of Death and what you can do to fix it

Frank CheungWordPress is the most popular web application in the world, and one of the more common problems we have seen with it is commonly known as the White Screen of Death.

When there’s a problem with WordPress, it will display a plain white screen – which is very difficult to troubleshoot since it gives you no idea what the problem is.

Here are some of the common problems and fixes that we can recommend.

Choosing the best Reserved Cloud Server for your needs

Frank CheungThe Reserved Cloud Server is your own fully managed, SSD-powered private Cloud Server with resources that are dedicated exclusively to your sites. There are several reasons that a Reserved Cloud Server might be right for you:

Some Everleap Reviews

Takeshi EtoWe think that our cloud hosting solution is awesome but we wanted to get some seasoned developers out there to test Everleap out and let us know what they thought and what they experienced. We put the message out in the CodeProject community and here are some of the reviews that came in.

Control Panel Enhanced with More Usage Stats and Historical Usage Chart

Takeshi EtoFor traditional hosting, it is typical to display information about how much disk space and bandwidth your sites are using in the control panel.

Our control panel provides that data. But we know that customers want more insight into the behavior and health of their web applications. So we now deliver enhanced usage stats including memory usage, CPU usage, HTTP requests and errors.

In the Site Overview section of the control panel, we now display a point-in-time snapshot of the site’s usage stats. You can refresh the data but note that the data updates in our database every 1-2 minutes. Below I took a screenshot from the control panel of this very blog.

All Reserved Servers Upgraded to SSD, Plus New Large Reserved Server

Takeshi EtoSSD Reserved Cloud Severs

We have many customers who are enjoying the performance of our Reserved Cloud Servers. I’m happy to announce that we’ve made them even better.

All Reserved Cloud Servers are now upgraded with high performance Solid State Drives (SSD) and with no additional cost. With this upgrade you should see an increase in site performance.

SNI vs Unique IP-Based SSL

Michael OssouThese days, the use of SSL has become much more common. Traditionally, it was mandatory to have your website setup with a unique IP in order to use an SSL certificate.

More recently, SNI based SSL has become available and it has caused some confusion. In this post, I’m going to discuss the topic and hopefully give you enough information so that you can choose whats the best option for you.

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