All Reserved Servers Upgraded to SSD, Plus New Large Reserved Server

Takeshi EtoSSD Reserved Cloud Severs

We have many customers who are enjoying the performance of our Reserved Cloud Servers. I’m happy to announce that we’ve made them even better.

All Reserved Cloud Servers are now upgraded with high performance Solid State Drives (SSD) and with no additional cost. With this upgrade you should see an increase in site performance.

If you’ve been thinking about the Reserved Cloud Servers, now is a great time to make the upgrade because you’ll get even better performance.

Large Reserved Cloud Server

We  also introduce a new “Large Reserved Cloud Server” with 4 CPU and 4 GB RAM as an add-on for $100 per month. This is ideal for those on the Multi-Domain Cloud plan and who manage many sites, or for memory hungry web apps or apps that are CPU intensive.

Please note that the former Big Reserved Server has been renamed to Medium Reserved Server.

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