Some Everleap Reviews

Takeshi EtoWe think that our cloud hosting solution is awesome but we wanted to get some seasoned developers out there to test Everleap out and let us know what they thought and what they experienced. We put the message out in the CodeProject community and here are some of the reviews that came in.

Bruno Terkaly, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, was able to deploy an ASP.NET MVC site in 5 minutes using Visual Studio and the publish profile. Check out what he had to say.

Kevin Griffin, Microsoft MVP and Hampton Roads .NET Users Group organizer, hammered two load-balanced web servers with 5000 requests per second for minute and got no errors. Check out his test results here.

Rich Dudley, ASP Insider and Pluralsight author, was able to deploy a fully functional Drupal site using Web Matrix and Git all within about 20 minutes. Check out his review here.

All in all I think the articles speak for themselves and show the versatility of our modern hosting platform – from hosting ASP.NET apps to PHP apps, from quickly and conveniently publishing apps using Visual Studio to using Git. And we also see great load testing results from two load-balanced web servers which is an option we provide all base sites out of the box and something unavailable at traditional shared hosting or VPS hosting services – and only available as an expensive configuration for dedicated servers.

We also have Customer Stories from customers using our Everleap platform coming soon….

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