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Working with HTTPS on a Unique IP in a Load Balanced Environment

Michael OssouTimes have changed. While VPS, traditional and dedicated hosting solutions still have some use cases, the truth is, it’s 2014 and those legacy solutions are losing relevancy by the hour. Today’s cloud – the real cloud – is a much better solution.

As with anything however, we need to adjust. Take for example the use of HTTPS. If you’re using an SNI SSL solution, you’re in the clear. The security information for your cert lives in the load balancers and is available to all of the web servers, so there is nothing else you have to do to use HTTPS.

However, if you are using a unique IP-based SSL solution, there are some things to consider. In this article I’m going to cover a few of the key points.

Everleap Microsoft Gold Partner status

Takeshi EtoWe talked about this over on the DiscountASP.NET blog, but it’s well worth mentioning here that we have successfully renewed our Microsoft Partner Gold Hosting Competency for 2014! This is our 9th year of maintaining our Microsoft Gold Partner status.

microsoft-gold-partner-300x84It is no small feat to attain or keep this status. Microsoft has raised the bar significantly to attain the Gold level status over the last few years.

To earn a Microsoft Gold Competency,

Backing up a MySQL database using MySQL Workbench

Michael PhillipsBacking up a MySQL database is usually a pretty straightforward and simple task. You can back up a MySQL database using an uploaded application like phpMyAdmin, but for the purposes of this tutorial we’re going to use the MySQL Workbench desktop program. You’ll have to open an Oracle account to download MySQL Workbench, but opening an account is free and only mildly painful.

This article was written using MySQL Workbench 6.1 CE. You may be able to achieve similar results with previous versions, but we have not tested any earlier versions, so your results may vary.

Running your site on multiple load balanced servers

Frank CheungEvery site hosted here at Everleap can run on (at least) two servers simultaneously, and traffic to those servers is automatically load balanced for maximum performance.

A multiple server environment like ours is the best way to handle to handle a heavy load on your site, but there are a couple of important things to keep in mind when you gear up to use more than one worker.

Everleap adds premium CDN services in partnership with SiteLock

Takeshi Etositelock website security and cdnWe announced previously that we partnered with SiteLock to bring our customers website security solutions which includes a free level of basic Content Delivery Network (CDN) service.

The Basic CDN service caches static content in servers located around the globe and performs some content minification, speeding up delivery of your site and improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

New features – secure app settings, scheduled tasks, CDN and more – available right now!

Frank CheungWe’re going full steam ahead launching new features for Everleap. We just launched the results of sprint #8 on Monday. This sprint included several interesting and useful features, here’s the list:

  • Added the ability to open an account without assigning it a domain name
  • Added a tool to allow you to securely set the connection string and appSettings from Control Panel
  • Added scheduled task
  • Added new SiteLock TrueShield product

What is Windows Azure Pack?

Takeshi EtoThrough our chats with people at Code Camps, from the sales questions that come in and from the partners and vendors we interact with, we’ve heard the question “What is Windows Azure Pack” many times, so I wanted to address the question here.

What is Windows Azure Pack?

Windows Azure Pack (WAP) is a collection of Microsoft Azure technologies that Microsoft is making available to Microsoft partners. It’s not the entire Microsoft Azure back end and it’s not the new stuff in beta or preview. WAP encompasses some of the more mature and tested portions of the Microsoft Azure technologies – it has to be mature since Microsoft will need to support it if they are giving it to partners.

Updates to ASP.NET MVC 5.2, Web API 2.2, and Web Pages 3.2

Michael OssouIn the old days, when there was an update, you felt like you just got a brand new gadget. Fresh, new, cool stuff to play with. These days, the cadence of updates is so fast, you can’t expect open the box and and find a drone every single time.

MVC 5.2, WebAPI 2.2, and Web Pages 3.2 have been updated. You can check MSDN for the details, but other than some improvements to attribute routing, there isn’t anything to plan a celebration for.

Domain name news

Michael PhillipsWe’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from Everleap users, and we’re working hard implementing new features. A couple of the latest updates for this first week of July are domain name related.

Need to change the domain name associated with your site? Now you can do it instantly in Control Panel. No need to contact our tech support staff.

Git? We’ve got it!

Michael PhillipsgitWe’ve added Git version control integration to your Everleap experience.

Now you can manage your site using a local Git repository, stored right in your account.

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