nopCommerce 4.10 – Converting Framework Dependent to Self-Contained

Martin Ortega As a follow-up to our Installing nopCommerce 4.10 on Everleap article, if the Framework dependent package was used to create a store, it can be converted to self-contained relatively easily. In this post I’ll show you how.


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The update only involves replacing the files in the root of the site with those from the self-contained package.  No changes are made to any of the subdirectories.  i.e., /App_data, /Plugins, /wwwroot, etc…  As with any update, it would be best practice to back up the site before proceeding. 

First download the self-contained package from GitHub.  After extracting the files from the .rar file, find the Nop.Web.runtimeconfig.json file and open it in a text editor, like Notepad. Then set: 

“System.GC.Server”: false 

Save the change, and copy the files in the root of the self-contained package over to the Framework dependent install, replacing any matching files. The update is now complete.  Make sure not to move any of the folders. Review the example image below. 



If you have an existing store and an Everleap hosting account and would prefer getting assistance with the update, please open a ticket with the Support Department.  


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