Silicon Valley Code Camp is next weekend!

Michael PhillipsMr. Ossou already alerted you to the upcoming Silicon Valley Code Camp (October 11th and 12th), but in the spirit of “more is more,” here’s my own personal announcement.

Maybe you’ve been to a code camp in your neighborhood. Los Angeles has three of them, and they’re all pretty sizable. But there’s sizable and then there’s huge, and Silicon Valley is huge. So multiply your local code camp by two or three times, then double that, and you’ll be pretty close to comprehending the crazy sea of humanity that attends Silicon Valley.

We’ve been sponsoring and attending the Silicon Valley Code Camp for years under the DiscountASP.NET flag. We’re still happy to talk to you about DiscountASP.NET (or anything, really), but this year we’ll be making our appearance from behind the Everleap table. Fancy, isn’t it?

Everleap Table

Not only will we be there behind the table, but Michael Ossou is going to be behind the mic, giving a Saturday morning presentation called, Obama, JQuery, and ASP.NET SignalR, getting Started with the Real-Time Web.

Mr. Ossou is a magnetic personality, natural born geek, engaging speaker and an inveterate spinner of tales that are guaranteed to confound, amuse and mystify. “What?” I can hear you say, “One man cannot possibly be all those things!” Well, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Don’t blame me if you fall in love.

Michael Ossou

Silicon Valley Code Camp is free to attend, all you have to do is register and show up. There are more sessions than you could possibly attend, even if there were five of you (I have to assume that some of you have cloned yourselves by now), and look, they’ll even feed you so you don’t collapse from lack of nourishment:


And that was only part of the pizza pile last year. There was another sandwich station nearby. Like I said, it’s a lot of people, a lot of food, a lot of wisdom and a mountain of learning, free for the taking and all in one place for two ridiculous days. If you’re anywhere near the location, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Even Silicon Valley insects take advantage of the event to soak up some new code.

svcc 103

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