Top 10 things we accomplished in 2016

Takeshi EtoIn keeping with tradition, I’m posting our 2016 Top accomplishments list.

  1. Launched SQL 2016
    Microsoft launched their next version of SQL Server so we made it available for Everleap customers. We introduced both Shared SQL 2016 and Managed SQL 2016 solutions.  Some of the new enhancements include temporal tables, query store, stretch database, and native support for JSON.

  1. Launched Cloud Backup Solution
    We launched a Website Cloud Backup solution that will automatically back up websites, SQL databases, and MySQL databases to the Amazon Cloud on a daily basis. This service helps you recover from occasional deletion/editing mishaps and more serious website hacking incidents. It’s a cost effective way to get some peace of mind.
  2. Enhanced Reserved Cloud Server Features
    We recently introduced WebJobs on our Reserved Cloud Servers which helps developers gain more control over job scheduling. We also launched Auto Heal which is a monitoring tool that can automatically trigger when certain conditions are reached. For example, if your site uses 500 MB of memory, Auto Heal can be configured to recycle the application pool.
  3. Launched node.js version chooser
    We added support for multiple versions of node.js on our platform and now you can select the node.js version through the Everleap Control Panel.
  4. Launched PHP 7 and PHP 5.6
    We added support for PHP 7 and PHP 5.6. You can select the version in the PHP version chooser tool in the Everleap Control Panel.
  5. Launched Free Website Migration Services
    Migrating to a Cloud environment from your traditional host can be disruptive and painful. So we are making the transition easier. We’ll move your site for you at no cost, and you can even test your site on our Cloud hosting platform while the site is still live at your old host.
  6. Updated Windows Azure Pack (WAP)
    We went through a couple of Windows Azure Pack updates in 2016. While the updates did a lot for making WAP more secure and fixing bugs, the updates also brought support for ASP.NET 4.6.1 to the Everleap platform.
  7. Renewed our Microsoft Gold Partner Status
    We maintained our Microsoft Gold Certified status for the 11th straight year – an investment we make every year, and one which demonstrates our commitment to staying on top of Microsoft technologies.
  8. Attained Privacy Shield Certification
    The EU Safe Harbor Framework was struck down in 2015 by an EU court. In 2016, it was replaced by the EU Privacy Shield Framework. We worked with our partner, Truste, to achieve Privacy Shield Certification.
  9. Sponsored Developer Events
    We continued our support for developer events through various sponsorships, which included GiveCamps in Dallas and Ohio, .NET Conf in Uruguay, and Code Camps in New York City, Columbus, Iowa and Southern California.

That’s the recap for 2016. We look forward to 2017 and we wish everyone a happy new year!

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  • Guest Reply

    What’s next in 2017? (:

    • Michael Phillips Reply

      That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, doesn’t it.

      Oh, you mean for Everleap? 😉 More! Better! There are things on the drawing board, we’ll let you know when they get closer.

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