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SNI vs Unique IP-Based SSL

Michael OssouThese days, the use of SSL has become much more common. Traditionally, it was mandatory to have your website setup with a unique IP in order to use an SSL certificate.

More recently, SNI based SSL has become available and it has caused some confusion. In this post, I’m going to discuss the topic and hopefully give you enough information so that you can choose whats the best option for you.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014 is Coming

Michael OssouThe mother of all code camps is only weeks away.

Attendance for the Silicon Valley Code Camp is usually over 5,000 people and this year we are expecting even more. As long time supporters of code camps, user groups, and the ASP.NET community at large, I can tell you this is the big one.

Getting Started with SiteLock

Ray PenalosaSiteLock is a security service that provides malware detection and protection from malicious attacks against your website.

SiteLock’s default scanning features include Network, Malware, SQL Injection, and Application scanning to identify malicious files or scripts.  SiteLock will also identify any potential weaknesses and exploits that your site may have.

Getting started with SiteLock may seem like a daunting task, but as with any new product, you will benefit from taking the time to get familiar with SiteLock. You can access the SiteLock dashboard from the Services section of the Everleap Control Panel.

Our first Windows Azure Pack and Windows update – did you notice it?

Frank CheungSo we went through our first Windows Azure Pack update and we also did the latest Windows update as well. The entire project was done in three phases. First, we updated our back end infrastructure, then updated Windows Azure Pack, and then we applied the latest Windows updates.

To update our back end infrastructure, we announced and scheduled a 10 minute outage mainly to update our databases to make way for the changes in the Windows Azure Pack update. While we never like taking an outage, in our testing in our dev environment a short outage was the cleanest way of getting the WAP update done without introducing a lot of other technical issues.

Tweaking PHP settings with a .user.ini file

Tasha ShermerIn a hosting environment such as ours, modifying the main php.ini file isn’t a viable option for changing default PHP settings. Don’t despair, however. In their infinite wisdom and incredible foresight, the developers of PHP built in a way for you to change certain directives locally using a file named .user.ini. Here, I’ll show you how to create your own.

Deploying to Everleap Using Git

Michael OssouEarly last month, Michael Phillips wrote about our Git support. As you may know, you have a Git repository included for free with your Everleap account. So if you’re not using TFS for your site, I would urge you to at least use Git. If you’re not familiar with Git, take a look at this video to help you get started.

Backing up a MySQL database using MySQL Workbench

Michael PhillipsBacking up a MySQL database is usually a pretty straightforward and simple task. You can back up a MySQL database using an uploaded application like phpMyAdmin, but for the purposes of this tutorial we’re going to use the MySQL Workbench desktop program. You’ll have to open an Oracle account to download MySQL Workbench, but opening an account is free and only mildly painful.

This article was written using MySQL Workbench 6.1 CE. You may be able to achieve similar results with previous versions, but we have not tested any earlier versions, so your results may vary.

Running your site on multiple load balanced servers

Frank CheungEvery site hosted here at Everleap can run on (at least) two servers simultaneously, and traffic to those servers is automatically load balanced for maximum performance.

A multiple server environment like ours is the best way to handle to handle a heavy load on your site, but there are a couple of important things to keep in mind when you gear up to use more than one worker.

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